A New Farm Dentist Teeth Love Visiting

We’re a boutique New Farm dentist offering teeth the highest standard of dental care, a gentle approach, and a relaxing, high end clinic.

New Farm Dentist: Visiting Our Newstead Clinic

Our New Farm dentists offer their high standard of dental care from our clinic in Newstead. You’ll find our high end dental clinic on Kyabra Street. It’s a short stroll from the Gasworks Plaza, Skyring Terrace, and Commercial Road. It’s an ideal location to treat the teeth of New Farm, Newstead, Teneriffe, and Fortitude Valley.

Gentle Dental Treatments

Visiting your New Farm dentist is important to keep your teeth healthy, strong, and in their peak condition. Trips to the dentist can be scary though. The cold waiting rooms, the intimidating tray of tools, and that bad reputation dentists have for pain. At Newstead Dental Co, we offer gentle dental treatments, making every effort to sidestep pain in the procedure and keep you as comfortable as possible.

Let Us Fill You In On Our Routine Dental Treatments

From your six monthly check up to dental cleans and fillings — your routine dental treatments are essential for the health of your teeth. By having your routine dental treatments completed routinely, you can prevent decay, notice serious dental problems before they’re actually serious, and keep your teeth in optimal health.

Pearly Whites don’t happen overnight.
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Whether it’s a quick dental clean and checkup, a filling, or a full restorative procedure, our dentists can’t wait to help out. You can get in touch with our team, or book an appointment online.

Our New Farm Dentists Love The Power of Preventative Dental Treatments

Preventative dental is all about preventing pesky dental issues. So, your New Farm dentist will inspect your teeth, identify any cavities or decay, and fill them in to avoid worsening tooth rot and the need for a root canal. We’ll use dental cleans to take care of plaque build up and prevent decay or gingivitis.

A New Farm Dentist Perfecting Cosmetic Dental

Cosmetic dental is what your New Farm dentist uses to keep your teeth looking amazing. We know that the quality of cosmetic dentistry we provide directly affects how our patients feel about their teeth and their smile. So, we always pay the closest attention to detail and provide the highest standard of care for your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Many people are self conscious about the colour of their teeth. While regular brushing can improve your chances of whiter teeth, it’s not the only factor. The foods and drinks you consume will affect your teeth as well as your enamel. In fact, over brushing can actually wear your enamel down, making it more vulnerable to that annoying yellow colouring and staining. Your New Farm dentist will be able to work with you to achieve the white teeth you’re after.


Veneers fill in the smiles of those with small, chipped, or gapped teeth. By placing a veneer over your natural tooth we create the illusion of a fuller, ideal-sized tooth. Veneers come in a porcelain material or a composite resin material.

Bridges & Crowns

Bridges and crowns are the solution to smiles with missing teeth. By placing crowns and bridges to fill in the gaps, we can create a fuller smile. These procedures are highly beneficial from a cosmetic dental perspective, but for the experience you have while you’re eating too.

Pearly Whites don’t happen overnight.
Book your appointment today.

Whether it’s a quick dental clean and checkup, a filling, or a full restorative procedure, our dentists can’t wait to help out. You can get in touch with our team, or book an appointment online.

QD Active Aligners (Clear Teeth Straightening Aligners)

Our QD Active Aligners are our very own line of clear teeth straightening aligners. These work similarly to traditional braces. They slowly but surely move your teeth closer to their ideal position with each new set of aligners. Our QD Active Aligners offer a slew of advantages though. They appear clear so they’re barely noticeable, they’re removable so you can take them out ahead of meetings or dinners, and they’re way comfier than traditional braces.

A New Farm Dentist Offering Restorative Procedures

Gaps or flaws in your teeth can seriously affect your self esteem. Our New Farm dentists offer restorative dental procedures. Restorative dental sees us fill in and rebuild your smile through procedures like dental implants, crowns and bridges, and veneers. It offers patients a fuller, healthier set of teeth.

Your New Farm Dentist Outsmarts Wisdom Teeth Too

Wisdom teeth can be annoying, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful. They’re usually pretty unpleasant teeth to grow. Your New Farm dentist will be able to consult with you on your wisdom teeth, taking X-rays with our in-house equipment, and running you through your treatment options. We’re able to remove wisdom teeth using in-chair procedures and local anaesthetic. If that doesn’t suit your wisdom teeth and their positioning, we’ll refer you to a more suitable professional in our network.

Meet Your New Farm Dentist

Your New Farm dentist is big on providing the very best dental care available to our patients. From the experience our high end clinic and waiting room offer, to our friendly and gentle dentists, and the tools and technology we use — we’re proud of the care we provide. We’re always evolving too. We stay across the latest technologies, tools, and procedures to ensure we’re always offering you the best.

Parking at
Newstead Dental Co

There’s plenty of street parking around, but if you’re adamantly against paid parking or reverse parallel parking (no judgement here), you can find a couple hours of free parking at Woollies down the road.

Show up
a little early

Come in five to ten minutes early for your initial appointment. We’ll get you to fill in a patient information form with a bit about your dental and medical history.

New Farm Dentist: Finding Your Way to Newstead Dental from New Farm

A short walk from Gasworks, Skyring Terrace, and Commercial Road, we’re easy to get to — whether by public transport or car.

Dentist New Farm: FAQs

The hard and fast rule dentists will tell you is every six months. In reality, if you take good care of your teeth (that means brushing twice daily, flossing, and using mouthwash), then you’re probably fine to visit us once a year. 


If you drink a lot of coffee, smoke, or are just really unlucky with your oral health, then it might be worth visiting us more frequently. 

How often you’ll need dental care can be pretty personal. If you’re worried about it, chat to your New Farm dentist for some personalised advice.

Your checkup is often when you get your dental clean done. Dental cleans offer more attention and detailed cleaning to the spots in your mouth you have trouble caring for. Dental cleans take care of plaque buildup and they eliminate the bacteria that grows in your mouth, causing issues like gingivitis. 


The biggest reason these are so important though is because it’s when we spot issues that need caring for. So, we might spot a cavity that needs filling or an incoming wisdom tooth that needs removing. By having your teeth checked out routinely you can ensure these small issues are noticed before they become big problems.

Ideally once a day. For best results, clean your teeth out with floss before bed. It removes stuck food and bacteria before your eight hours rest — where bacteria is able to thrive.

Nope! If you have seriously bad breath, we will talk about it with you, as the smell of your breath gives clues around your oral health. But no, we never judge our patients. Industry secret though: that mouthwash we offer at the beginning of an appointment will give your breath a lovely fresh, minty smell.