Dentist Fortitude Valley: Meet Your Teeth’s New Go-To

On the lookout for a new dentist? Hey! We’re Newstead Dental Co, a dentist Fortitude Valley and all of its teeth are sure to love.

Dentist Fortitude Valley: Treat your teeth in our high end clinic

Our dental clinic is less than five minutes away from the Valley by car and it’s worth the short travel. It’s a little bit exclusive, but never in getting an appointment. The exclusivity is felt through the privacy of our modern and minimalistic waiting room and our friendly, service-oriented team. As well as that? We schedule plenty of time for all of our appointments. It means you’ll never be sat in a crowded waiting room and you’ll never feel rushed. We want each of our patients to feel valued in our dental clinic.

You’ll almost get a sweet tooth for our dental treatments

Our Newstead and Fortitude Valley dentists take care of all the usual suspects when it comes to your dental treatments. Dental check ups, dental cleans, and pesky fillings — we’ll take care of all those routine and preventative treatments. As well as that? All your restorative treatments like root canals, dental implants, caps and crowns, and bridges and veneers. 

Of course, we’re especially qualified when it comes to cosmetic dentistry — we even created our own invisible aligners. On top of all of those treatments, we can help patients out with any wisdom teeth woes.

Dentist Fortitude Valley: All your routine treatments

You’ve heard it all before, but routine dental really does need to be routine. We recommend six monthly visits but every 12 months is okay too. As part of our routine dental treatment offering, we offer dental check ups and cleans and complete any necessary fillings. Routine dental is essential to keep your teeth clean and healthy, and prevent decay and plaque build up.

Pearly Whites don’t happen overnight.
Book your appointment today.

Whether it’s a quick dental clean and checkup, a filling, or a full restorative procedure, our dentists can’t wait to help out. You can get in touch with our team, or book an appointment online.

Keep your teeth looking lovely with cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is all about improving and maintaining the appearance of your teeth.  We keep your teeth up to scratch using techniques like teeth whitening, veneers, and making cosmetic changes to your teeth. We can even subtly straighten your teeth with the help of our QD Active Aligners. Improve your confidence and quality of life by improving the appearance of your teeth.

QD Active Aligners (Clear Teeth Straightening Aligners)

Traditional braces are great and they do the job really well. But, especially as an adult, the appearance of traditional braces isn’t ideal. Introducing QD Active Aligners: our clear, teeth straightening aligners. These work to straighten your teeth in the same way as normal braces except they’re removable, clear, and much more subtle.

Dentist Fortitude Valley: Restorative dental treatments

Restorative dental treatments see your Fortitude Valley dentists repair or replace broken or damaged teeth to fill in gaps and improve the comfort and quality of your mouth and your eating experience. Restorative dental treatments may involve simple fillings or more complex treatments like veneers, dental implants, or crowns and bridges.

We know wisdom teeth can be well, a kick in the teeth

Ideally our wisdom teeth will grow naturally and problem-free. However, as humans are evolving, more and more of us need these removed as our mouths don’t have the room, or they’re not growing correctly. Our Fortitude Valley dentists are trained in wisdom teeth and can support you through the removal of these. We’ll outsmart your wisdom teeth and if we can’t, we’ll refer you to one of our connected wisdom tooth specialists to help you out.

Dentist Fortitude Valley: Meet your new go-to

We’re Newstead Dental Co, a clinic passionate about supporting patients with gentle dental care. We’re equipped with state of the art equipment and facilities and our dentists are all totally across the latest and best dental techniques and practices.

The good-to-know bits

Some bits and pieces that are good to know: visit us every six months, brush twice daily, floss once a day, always use mouthwash… Nah, catch all the important bits below. For everything else, like whether or not we can tell if you floss (we kind of can, yeah), check out our FAQs.

Parking at your
Dentist Fortitude Valley

There’s plenty of street parking around, but if you’re adamantly against paid parking or reverse parallel parking (no judgement here), you can find a couple hours of free parking at Woollies down the road.

Show up
a little early

Come in five to ten minutes early for your initial appointment. We’ll get you to fill in a patient information form with a bit about your dental and medical history.

Making your way to Newstead Dental from Fortitude Valley

Our Newstead Dental Co clinic is based just between Newstead, New Farm, Teneriffe, and Fortitude Valley and is handy to public transport and parking for your car. Based on Kyabra Street in Newstead, we’re a short walk from Gasworks and Skyring Terrace.