Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect

When you come to Newstead Dental Co for the first time, we’ll have you fill in a patient information form so we can get to know you a little bit better — nothing too personal, just your medical history, your allergies, your dental history, and date of birth. You’ll then be taken through to our modern surgery equipped with state of the art technology, where we’ll begin your appointment. If you have dental questions that are not answered on this page, we’re more than happy to answer them over the phone, by email or at your appointment. 

I’m no Hercule Poirot but there are certainly clues that can give it away. Bleeding gums, presence of plaque, and calculus are sure signs!

We don’t judge bad breath, but we can most certainly do our best to help you get rid of it!  Bad breath can be a sign of more serious underlying problems so it’s always good to get it checked. Little secret though — the mouthwash we give you at the start of the appointment gives a nice minty fresh smell.

We completely understand if you haven’t brushed just before your appointment. You may have just come from work and didn’t have a toothbrush handy, or you may have just finished a top secret mission saving the world. Either way, it’s all good.

I’ll be honest. I never forget. But that’s why you can trust I’m a good dentist. Even as consciousness is slipping from me, oral hygiene remains at the forefront of my mind.

Having knowledge of what happens at a dental visit and what to expect means I’m never nervous when it comes to my own dental care.  If knowing more about procedures can help you feel less nervous, feel free to ask us as many questions as you would like — we’re more than happy to answer them!

Life is too short not to have fun. Go enjoy that coffee and wine. Having a drink of water after can help with those stains otherwise come see us for a good clean and polish!

I’ve gotten used to working with saliva in people’s mouths. I’ve come to appreciate its protective properties and incredible characteristics that allow us to function daily. Just don’t get any on me. (Public safety announcement — keep spit to yourself if you are in public please. Feel free to go wild if you’re at home.)

I eat the occasional snack between patients. Don’t ask me what and how much. I’ll never tell.

If I do that, it’s only as entertainment for us to see you struggle to talk. On a serious note, that’s why you’ll find we do all the talking while I’m not working inside your mouth. We start the appointment with a conversation to find out what we need to help you with and any questions you may have before we begin. We finish the appointment with a summary of today’s appointment, anything else you may need to know, and I’ll try my best to answer questions about your life in general if you happen to have any.

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